T a r a   S a r s f i e l d

My passion is capturing the little moments in life that are treasured forever.

I’m at the age in life where the majority of my time is spent driving around the army of little people that I helped God create. I haul them to and from practices, adventures with their friends, and all the fun little things in between. My car is filled with storytelling, tons of giggles, terrible singing, and lots and lots of dancing. There’s even an occasional kick in the gut from one ballerina tutu-wearing kid to her brother when he says something to annoy her. Mostly, I drive around in memories that I wish I could keep forever. My passion is capturing memories. Memories of a time when new life is brought into the world. Memories of children growing. Memories of the occasional kiss between a mom and dad while their army of little people run rampant around them. I capture memories of senior boys and girls as they are about to embark on the rest of their lives. When they find the person of their dreams, I capture the memory of
their profession of love for all the world to see. And if a child is born? A new cycle of memories begins. More than words can explain, I treasure the time I spend with those I love. I wish I could document it all. I picked up my first camera to capture the unique personalities of my kiddos. Little did I know, I was only beginning to realize how amazing it is documenting someone else’s entire world through my lens. If my style of memory-catching suits you, send me a message. Let’s chat about what you love.


photos of Tara by Amy Peacock